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Rowan Yaxley smiling with an acoustic guitar.

My Journey

I believe the most important part of learning the guitar is the joy that it brings. Having been teaching the guitar privately for over three years, it brings me deep satisfaction watching students of all abilities and ages develop a connection with their instrument and progress to the next level. Whether it be learning a favorite song, or working towards a grade, I am here to guide you through and help reach your potential on the guitar. 


Private guitar tuition for the acoustic, electric, and bass guitar from £25 per  hour.  Trial lessons are offered for half price! To book please contact me directly. 
4 Lesson Bundle- £100
8 Lesson Bundle- £180



The Oasis brothers, Amy Whinehouse, Jimmy Hendrix, and The Beatles.

Learn to play songs on the guitar from your favorite bands and artists.


The circle of fifths.
Rowan Yaxley performing on stage with an electric guitar.

Build your confidence performing on stage.

Understand the building blocks of music.

Chords diagrams and an acoustic guitar.


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